diesel cars that will run on filtered used vegetable oil

Im from Canada and id like to know what old cars would run on just filtered used vegetable oil, i dont wanna mix any chemicals or any of that science stuff because i will most likely blow up my home :)

the only vehicles that i KNOW of that will run on wvo (no chemicals added)

1984 volvo (diesel)
and any 1980's mercedes diesel

i think what i have to avoid is an electric diesel pump.. im only supposed to get a mechanical pump. am i right ?


Montreal, Canada

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No vehicle will run for long

No vehicle will run for long on vegetable oil unless you modify the fuel system. The system (and there are many designs) will heat the oil to about 70 degrees C (160F) to reduce the viscosity of the vegetable oil. Running vegetable oil in a stock diesel will eventually plug the filter or injector pump and/or lead to coking.

As far as I know you can

As far as I know you can convert almost any diesel vehicle to a two tank system to run on waste veggie oil. I have a 2006 VW Golf TDI that is going in today to get converted. But yes, you need to heat the oil first so it can run thinner.

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