Used Cooking Oil WVO Collection Business

I have been in the Waste Vegetable Oil collection business part time for 4 years now.
I have approximately 70 accounts in Central New Jersey that I currently collect WVO from.
I am a mechanical and aerospace engineer and have a full time job.
I would like to sell my business and persue my masters degree. I would not have time to do all three. I recently had to refuse 5 additional accounts because I do not have the time to service them.
I gross $45k, and net about $35k working 2 full days per week. I can verify the figures.
You would require someplace to park the truck, trailer and a few other necessities, not much. You could easily increase this business to $150k gross, and earn $100/125k per year working alone if you put in a 5 day work week.
I am asking 1 1/2x my annual gross for everything, accounts, truck, totes, pumps, etc.
I am a little flexible on the price, but it certainly worth the 1 1/2x given the potential to grow it quickly.
Please respond if you have a SINCERE interest, and THE FUNDS, you would be prepared to pay should we come to an agreement. I am not looking to do any financing.


New Jersey

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