Restaurant Used Vegetable oil Pickup FREE

We recycle used vegetable oil and pick up on schedule for free, for the restaurant industry. We are servicing several restaurants just like yours and the establishments are thrilled with the ease and savings we make possible. If your establishment is currently paying for this service, please consider giving me a call or sending me an email regarding the FREE PICKUP of your used oil. Your restaurant can provide high quality oil to be used in our certified recycling process for the manufacture of raw materials to be used to make soap, fuel oil, lotions. We recycle 100% of the materials, so you will feel good about contributing to the health of our planet, while helping out small businesses in your community.

We supply clean containers and pick up twice a week on your schedule. If you are tired of carrying the oil to a container, just leave it on the step and we pick it up.

Please pass this note along to others as we are highly interested in providing this service to others within your industry.

Thank you for your time.

Certified Recyclers, Inc.
Bob Wewer

hello my names jacob and my

hello my names jacob and my number is 503-704-5388 and we just opened up a restaurant in downtown roseville. i am interested in using your services, so if you could please call me anytime you have free. thank you.

Hello, My name is Tony, i am

My name is Tony, i am maneger in a brasilian bakery
in Somerville,429 Ave somerville.
I am interested in used your service,
please call,6176282629 ( Joice) or Tony 6177761880
thank you.

Third Planet Energy in Los

Third Planet Energy in Los Angeles can pick up your waste oil for no charge, please call us for pick up at 818-599-9119 for a truly greener way of recycling your WVO...

Hello, I am the president of

I am the president of a fryer oil / grease trap pumping business located centrally along Florida's East Coast. We collect @10000 gallon/month of raw grease, and have over 200 accounts, most of which are under exclusive contract with us. If you are interested in discussing possible acquisition / mutual interests, please contact me at Thanks, RJ

Hi RJ and any other

Hi RJ and any other interested parties,
My name is Charles Black. I am currently affiliated with a company in Southern California which picks up spent cooking oils from restaurants and institutions for recycling into biodiesel.
I call by telephone and arrange for agreements with these organizations to sign on with us for regular pick-ups on our route.
I would love to be able to do the same for you.
How might we discuss this further?
What is your direct contact information, website, etc?
Looking forward to further exploration,
Charles Black,

hi my name is Meir and i

hi my name is Meir and i have a restaurant right off the Brooklyn college campus in Brooklyn New York and i have oil on a regular basis to get rid of. if you could please contact me at 718-407-9191. thank you very much

Hi how are you? My name is

Hi how are you?
My name is Samuel Akinin. I am looking for a used cooking oil pick up service in miami. Bob, please give me a call to discuss some ideas.
305 527 3001

looking for your waste

looking for your waste vegetable cooking oil WVO, my company will pickup from your resturant free of charge. Setting pickup schedule now. only need 500 gals weekly, so e-mail me asap. get onboard for free pick-up and diposal of your WVO. In the North Florida,South Georgia area. KAMCO EAST LLC

HI I have about 1500 gallons

HI I have about 1500 gallons of good used vegtible oil. the oil is in my garage in 55 gallon drums. 90% of the oil I pick up titrates at a 4. I make bio fuel and have too much oil. I would like to get $25.00 for the metal drum and the oil. I'm only trying to recover my cost

Johnstown, PA


I am recycleing UVO and am

I am recycleing UVO and am looking for restraunts or a cook plant that need to have your used oil picked up can pick up on your schedule. Please contact me @ 706-200-0242
Atlanta/ Columbis/ Lagrange GA

IN IOWA/IL area and looking

IN IOWA/IL area and looking for used Vegitable OIL to pickup and will leave containers and pick up regularly, or as a one time deal whatever UVO you have I can use. Call 563-449-2318 or email

Anyone know of anywhere to aquire this please call as well.

FREE PICKUP of Used Vegetable

FREE PICKUP of Used Vegetable OIL in the Iowa, IL QuadCity Area or Vicinity....Call Sam at 563-449-2318 or email at Will Leave Clean Containers, or Barrels and make regular pickups. Will Also pickup anywhere in QC Area a one time pickup of Free Vegetable Oil from anywhere it is needed just call 563-449-2318.

Davenport, Iowa

hello, I'm part of a company

I'm part of a company that has a 1000 gallon tank of fryer oil. We are located in Ruther Glen Va just off of interstate 95. we are looking for routine service every couple of months. If anyone can be of service call (804) 448-0410.



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