Bulk Vegetable Oil For Sale

AgriSeek.com has a section for buying and selling vegetable oil, both svo and wvo. Anyone tried them?


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We would be interested in

We would be interested in discussing with the you the purchase of your WVO. Our company is Green Gallon Solutions and we produce bio diesel from WVO. We have developed a turn key process that is nearly automated. Please give me a call or send contact information. We look forward to hearing from you.


Rick Thompson
Green Gallon Solutions
Cell: 512-423-2972

Intelifuel CIA LTDA, an

Intelifuel CIA LTDA, an American owned, Ecuadorian based company is beginning to take pre-orders for bulk shipments of Waste Vegetable Oil.

Intelifuel will sell and export WVO to the USA or European Union.

WVO will be sold in the following quality classifications:

Q0 = Raw WVO with only the largest waste removed for pumping purposes.
Q1 = Filtered to approximately 800 micron.
Q2 = Filtered to approximately 800 micron and dewatered.
Q3 = Filtered to approximately 600 micron and dewatered.
Q4 = Filtered to approximately 50 micron and dewatered.
Q5 = Filtered to approximately 30 micron and dewatered.
Q6 = Filtered to approximately 10 micron and dewatered.
Q7 = filtered to approximately 1 micron and dewatered.
QC = WVO filtered to customers specifications within capabilities.

6000 gallon minimum exportation order. Prices fluctuate based on shipping costs. If you provide/pay shipping we will guarantee a consistent ‘per-gallon’ price based on the Q#.

For more information or to request a quote for standard or custom filtration email: info@intelifuel.com

Hello. I'm in Southeast

Hello. I'm in Southeast Michigan and I'm looking for small-to-intermediate quantities ( maybe 10-15 gallons/week, 25-40 gallons/month) of WVO for smaller scale conversion and use.
Any help or advice on securing free or low cost supplies of WVO would be very appreciated and helpful. Thanks.

Anyone know which companies

Anyone know which companies purchase bulk WVO in Upstate New York (Rochester area)? We're just starting out with about 3,000 gallons/month and trying to get our ducks all lined up. Thanks!


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